Saturday Night Live Cast Changes

I predict that by the time fall rolls around, SNL will have fired at least 5 out of 7 of the new cast members.  (They’ve already fired three.)

I’m fairly certain Sasheer Zamata will return. She hasn’t particularly impressed me, but the producers made such a big deal out of hiring her that they wouldn’t want to back down now.  (And to be fair, she hasn’t really had time to build up a repertoire, since they hired her so late in the season.)

I think there’s a chance that Kyle Mooney will return. I find him patently anti-funny, to the point that I’ve started instantly fast-forwarding any skit that he’s featured in. In terms of unfunniness, I’d rate him at about 130 centi-Wiigs, meaning he’s 30% more anti-funny than Kristen Wiig. But much like Kristen Wiig, the producers seem to like him, or at least keep featuring him in skits that are invariably awful.

I literally cannot think of a single skit that starred Beck Bennett or Mike O’Brien, which makes me fairly certain they’ll be joining Brooks Wheelan, Noel Wells, and John Milhiser in the pink slip club.

(I’m not counting Colin Jost as a cast member, since he’s the Head Writer who co-hosts Weekend Update and doesn’t appear in any skits.)

They really need to bring in some competent male cast members to take the pressure off Taran Killam. He’s great, but right now he’s filling all the parts that a couple years ago would have been played by Fred Armisen, Jason Sudeikis, Andy Samberg, Bill Hader, Paul Brittain, and himself. One man doing the work of six isn’t sustainable. Jay Pharoah usually only does impressions and isn’t very funny. I like Kenan Thompson and Bobby Moynihan, but they both have limited range. Taran Killam is the only male cast member who is consistently funny in any kind of role.

Anyway, it’s a shame they’re losing Nasim Pedrad. She was great, and her departure leaves Vanessa Bayer as the only female cast member who works in a wide variety of skits.  Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong are both funny, but have limited range.  And I’m not an Aidy Bryant fan.

Least useful use of time travel ever

Sometimes I picture myself going back in time and having the following conversation with myself as a kid:

Present Me: You know how Star Wars is awesome?
Past Me: Totally.
Present Me: Well in 2008, there will be a new Star Wars movie.
Past Me: That’s totally tubular.
Present Me: But you’ll barely notice it’s in theaters, and not bother seeing it.
Past Me: That doesn’t sound like me.
Present Me: Six years later, you’ll use your fancy future technology that beams movies directly into your home to watch it. But then you’ll get bored after 20 minutes and turn it off.
Past Me: What the hell?
Present Me: Because new Star Wars is terrible.
Past: Bogus. But that beaming movies into your home thing sounds bad.
Present: Actually, it’s pretty good. Oh wait, you’re in the 80s, and are using “bad” in the Michael Jackson sense of the word. Speaking of Michael Jackson, there’s something else I should tell you…