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Least useful use of time travel ever

Sometimes I picture myself going back in time and having the following conversation with myself as a kid:

Present Me: You know how Star Wars is awesome?
Past Me: Totally.
Present Me: Well in 2008, there will be a new Star Wars movie.
Past Me: That’s totally tubular.
Present Me: But you’ll barely notice it’s in theaters, and not bother seeing it.
Past Me: That doesn’t sound like me.
Present Me: Six years later, you’ll use your fancy future technology that beams movies directly into your home to watch it. But then you’ll get bored after 20 minutes and turn it off.
Past Me: What the hell?
Present Me: Because new Star Wars is terrible.
Past: Bogus. But that beaming movies into your home thing sounds bad.
Present: Actually, it’s pretty good. Oh wait, you’re in the 80s, and are using “bad” in the Michael Jackson sense of the word. Speaking of Michael Jackson, there’s something else I should tell you…