Are there any other fast foods you want reviews for?

If there are any weird new fast foods that you would like me to review, let me know.

Chances are I’ve already tried it and can give you a review off the top of my head.  And if that isn’t the case, I’m always excited to try new weird fast foods.

4 thoughts on “Are there any other fast foods you want reviews for?”

  1. Julia – I’ve tried most of the Taco Bell breakfast menu, but I haven’t yet had the waffle taco, which I think is the single item that people are most curious about. I’ll see if I have a chance to sample it this weekend, and then put up a review of all the items at once.


  2. Rachael – I’ve had it, and it’s pretty good. It doesn’t taste particularly like bacon. It’s more of a salty maple flavor. But salty maple works quite well in a shake. (Assuming you like maple. My wife doesn’t, and after one sip of the bacon milkshake she said it wasn’t for her.)

    I probably wouldn’t order it again, but that’s because I’m not much of a milkshake person. (I don’t *dislike* milkshakes, but I don’t like them enough to justify consuming all the calories.) If I were to decide I wanted a milkshake, the bacon milkshake would probably be my first choice.


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