Star Wars Episode VII

Ever since Star Wars Episode VII was announced, I was insisting it would be a terrible idea to bring back Harrison Ford or Carrie Fisher.

Han and Leia are supposed to be swashbuckling sexy ass-kickers.  Seeing a grizzled and tired Han ravaged by age, or an old and fat Leia, completely undermines the point of the characters.  We want to dream of being like them, traveling the galaxy punching bad guys and having awesome sexy adventures.

That’s almost as terrible an idea as a movie featuring an old and decrepit Indiana Jones, which I still like to pretend never happened.

Even as various fan rumor sites were reporting that Ford and Fisher were in the cast, I clung to hope since there hadn’t been any official announcement.  I wanted the production team to be more sensible than the rabid fans.

But the official announcement just came, and Ford and Fisher are indeed in the cast.  Which is highly disappointing.

I didn’t have huge hopes for Episode VII.  It seemed incredibly unlikely that it would live up to the original series, and questionable whether it would even match the extremely low bar of the prequels.  But this latest news is making me reduce my already diminished expectations.

(They also announced that Mark Hamill is in the cast, but I don’t mind the idea of old Luke.  Luke’s journey was going from immature punk kid to wise Jedi master, so seeing him old and passing his knowledge on to a new generation is a fulfillment of the promise of his character, rather than a betrayal.)


3 thoughts on “Star Wars Episode VII”

  1. JJ Abrams has done some good work (e.g. Alias) but his Star Trek reboot was low-IQ fan pandering. I worry that we’re in for more of the same.


  2. I thoroughly enjoyed the Star Trek reboot and sequel, whether or not they pandered to the fans. (Besides, isn’t a reboot *supposed* to pander to fans? It’s the existing customer base that makes production of the content viable…) Both movies were fun, which is more than I can say for the Star Wars prequels.

    When I see a sci-fi movie in the theater, I want to be transported out of the cinema and taken somewhere I wouldn’t have imagined if not for the movie. JJ does a good, consistent job with that. I have faith that (unlike the prequels) JJ will, at the very least, make this Star Wars movie fun to watch.

    As for Han and Leia getting old, I don’t think that aging betrays a character. Everybody grows up and gets old, even the awesomely sexy. That’s how life works! I look forward to seeing where they take that love story. If, however, they’re just using the platform to try and make the baby boomers feel better about getting old by showing us that old people can still be sexy, I will not be able to stop myself from groaning. Old people can definitely still kick ass… but don’t try to convince the audience to find them attractive. It’s a losing battle.


  3. Yes, everyone gets old. But I don’t care that showing Han and Leia as being old and decrepit is more realistic. If I wanted realism, I could look out a window instead of going to the movies.

    Showing them in this way betrays the idea of the characters, and is not something we as the audience want to see. Just like we would wouldn’t want to see Marilyn Monroe with explosive diarrhea. It ruins the magic.


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