Looking for feedback on my blog

I’ve had my blog going for a little over a month now, and I would be interested in feedback from my readers.

1. What do you think about the length of posts in the Movies We Still Care About series? 1986 A-M was 1250 words and 10 embedded videos. 1986 N-Z was 825 words and 6 videos. Which length do you prefer? In general, do you wish posts were longer, shorter, or about the same? (That’s actually two separate questions, now that I think about it.  Do you want me to write more or less about each year, and do you want each year broken up into more or less individual posts?)

2. How do you visit the blog? Checking the site periodically, an RSS feed, through my Facebook automatic links, or some other means?

3. Do you have a preference for what time posts should appear? I usually write the MWSCA posts ahead of time and schedule them for the next morning, so I can easily start scheduling them for a specific time if my readers prefer it.

4. Do you have any suggestions for improving the layout and formatting? I’m not very happy with these, but I’m not sure how to improve them. Note that complaints like “The layout is stupid, it’s hard to find old posts, and you should choose a different layout” are less helpful than suggestions like “Switch to the XXXX layout” or “You should add an navigation bar, which is an option that you can find in such and such a WordPress menu.” Even if you don’t know enough about WordPress to tell me *how* to make an improvement, suggesting specific improvements to make would be more helpful than vague complaints.

5. Are there any other suggestions or opportunities for improvement that you would like to bring up?

Thanks in advance for taking the time to respond to this.


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