New Movies on Netflix in September 2014

My blogging has been light recently.  I’m switching day-jobs, and have been busy wrapping things up on my old one.  Blogging will most likely continue to be light until I get up to speed on the new job.

A list of movies you’ve heard of that are new on Netflix in September is below.  But first, here are my recommendations:

AnacondaOne of those movies that’s so bad its good.

Arachnophobia: Not a great movie, but it’s some solid cheesy fun.

Braveheart: A solid, epic action movie, from back in the 90s when they made action movies with depth that could be critically acclaimed and win Oscars.

Also worth noting:

Chinatown: A noir classic that I personally find too incoherent to work, but a lot of other people love.

Good Morning, Vietnam: If you’re still depressed over Robin Williams’s suicide, this might be a good one to rewatch.  Has some of the best ad-libbing of all time.  I personally am not a fan of everything in the movie other than Robin Williams riffing.  Although this is the reason why I always think of Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” as a sarcastic song about grisly death.

Complete List


A Price Above Rubies
A Simple Plan
Across the Universe
Addams Family Values
An Officer and a Gentleman
Are We Done Yet
Brian’s Song
Cool Runnings
Coyote Ugly
Crocodile Dundee
Days of Thunder
Deep Blue
Good Morning, Vietnam
Guess Who
Jay and Sielnt Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie
Lords of Dogtown
School of Rock
Swiss Family Robinson
The Blue Lagoon
Silver Linings Playbook (Sept. 16)
3 Days to Kill (Sept. 17)
Bad Grandpa (Sept. 27)

Doomsday Preppers
The Blacklist Season 1 (Sept. 7)
Trailer Park Boys Season 8 (Sept. 5)
The League Season 5 (Sept. 2)
About a Boy Season 1 (Sept. 14)
Arrow Season 2 (Sept. 14)
Bones Season 9 (Sept. 16)
New Girl Season 3 (Sept. 16)
The Fosters Season 2 (Sept. 17)
Revolution Season 2 (Sept. 22)
How I Met Your Mother (Sept. 26)
Parks and Recreation Season 5 (Sept. 26)
Comic Book Men Season 3 (Sept. 28)
The Walking Dead Season 4 (Sept. 29)


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