Space Invaders: The Movie

This is so ridiculous. Taito doesn’t own the concept of aliens invading from space. So what exactly is Warner Bros buying from them? It’s just the right to pretend that a terrible movie has a connection to a 36-year-old video game with no plot, characters, or even any recognizable elements that will make it into the film. It’s not like what will show up on screen will be rows of pixelated blobs moving back and forth and pooping bullets.

They could make the exact same movie without buying the rights to Space Invaders.

Of course, there isn’t a movie yet. Or a script. Or a concept. This is just a purely marketing-driven decision yet, where some executive said “People have heard of Space Invaders, so somehow that will translate into an audience coming to a movie.  What will the movie actually be?  Who cares!”

Which was the exact reasoning behind Battleship. And we can expect this movie to have similar quality.


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